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Accreditations and Affiliations

Vauban group, due to its long and strong presence in Thailand since 2006 has developed a number of in-house expertise with over than 50 employees, divided into the 6 branches of the group located in the most attractive destinations in Thailand.

Moreover, these internal competencies, the group has developed relationships with banks, organizations, associations, legal advice, insurance, developers, architects ... which allows the company to put you in contact also with other trained professionals to accompany you A to Z.

The group is also working to improve its procedures in order to provide quality support on a range of service and of course real estate, but also legal support including advices on visas, last will… The group has its own CRM system and developed strong internal procedures.

Vauban group is recognized by organizations such as:

? Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce

? British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

? Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

? Thailand Authority of Tourism

The group has unparalleled experience in Thailand‘s real estate with agents trained to the law and rules and certified by real estate associations and organizations.

Vauban group is officially appointed agent by Thailand Elite, a government organization providing a program offering access to long term visas for periods of 5-20 years along with concierge services and assistance.

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